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We believe that TUSD can become an exemplary school district by providing the resources to empower principals and teachers while providing a safe learning environment that is relentlessly focused on student achievement.

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Fixing TUSD has become Tucson's most important issue

TUSD has become a liability for Tucson with the District underperforming and more dollars spent outside the classroom than within the classroom.

Fixing TUSD would mean

More graduates who are prepared for work or college

More companies willing to locate in Tucson because of an enhanced workforce

And more of our young people staying and prospering in Tucson

TUSD's current board majority has the WRONG priorities

Classroom spending has declined to under 48% of its budget.

Administrators grew 36% from 2010 to 2014 with the Arizona Auditor General annually referring to TUSD's abnormally high costs

TUSD has had a "C" rating since the State of Arizona ratings began.

By all of these criteria TUSD performs well below its peer large districts in Arizona. Yet it has the highest-paid superintendent in Arizona.

Help us support board members that agree to and support our Excellence in 365 Days in this upcoming election and all subsequent elections.