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Excellence in 365 Days

We endorse candidates who commit to a clear and realistic plan to achieve the following deliverables within one year.

  1. Adopt a new Strategic Plan that focuses on raising student achievement and building enrollment with measurable goals.
  2. Provide a clear plan, timetable and budget for implementation for each of the 62 recommendations in the 2014 Gibson efficiency audit or a written explanation of why the recommendation is flawed.
  3. Develop a budget that increases TUSD’s instructional percentage to at least 54% and a realistic plan for reaching 56% within two more years.
  4. Study the effectiveness of each Administrative business operation with the goal of defining three strategies for each area to be implemented that will increase effectiveness and put more dollars in the classroom.
  5. Create and execute a plan to reduce vacant teaching positions from over 100 to under 10 by the start of the 2017-18 school year.
  6. Restore a fully independent audit committee and hire an internal auditor who reports directly to the board.
  7. Deliver a written review and comparison of the disciplinary policies and practices of the ten largest school districts in Arizona with recommendations to improve discipline and educational climate based on proven best practices.
  8. Address facility shortfalls by 1) identifying opportunities to repurpose underutilized facilities, 2) creating additional high expectation schools and 3) providing CTE/JTED programs on more campuses.
  9. Empower Principals by finalizing their budget by March 1 and provide more spending flexibility.
  10. Listen to Teachers and Administrators by performing a mid-year anonymous employee survey to gauge employee satisfaction and define improvement opportunities.